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Application Fulfillment Services

Since 1990 Onsite Services has provided the most rapid and effective in application fulfillment solutions. Our sophisticated processes use the latest technology in order to collect and deliver accurate information to our clients in order to achieve results faster.

Step 1

We get the drop ticket from Dixon Wells EZ App

Step 2

We contact the applicant to set a date and time to do the application interview.

Step 3

With the Application Interview completed and awaiting signatures, we get their email, set their password and upload to DocuSign using a “more secure than paper” process. Documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained.

Step 4

DocuSign sends a secure link to the applicant’s email address for them to enter their password and complete the process after they have signed electronically.

Step 5

Once the applicant has signed, the agent and any other required parties will be prompted to sign in the same manner.

Step 6

After all signatures have been obtained, the Application comes back to us for review.

Step 7

Once reviewed, the application goes back to Dixon Wells.

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Onsite Solutions uses 25 years of experience to deliver the fast, simple accurate and effective fulfillment services.

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