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Paramedical Fulfillment Services

We offer a full service paramedical fulfillment process. Please contact us for more information.

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Experience! We’ve been in business since 1990

The medical industry has been moving at a rapid pace over the past twenty years. We’ve been at the cutting edge since we started.

We Have

Results! We consitently provide what you need

Attain improved results for your customers and your business. Our services will meet your expectations for quality, consistency and completion.

We Offer

Speed! Our processes make you go faster

We strive to develop time-saving practices to accelerate the paramedical process and make accurate decision-making simple.

Our customers

Consistently achieve better outcomes



On-site health assessments and information to help members achieve health and fitness goals.


Continued monitoring in order to prevent fraud.


We keep your records safe with 256-bit SSL encryption and a powerful firewall.


Better information leads to better decision making.

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Full service paramedical fulfillment process.

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Blazing fulfillment speed!

Get your results back faster.

Your clients deserve the best. On-Site Services is here to help.

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Based On Experience

Onsite Services uses 29 years of experience to build the most advanced paramedical fulfillment service on the market. Working hand-in-hand with our customers we’ve refined our processes to be simple, accurate and effective.






Successful growth last year


Successful growth last year
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